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Harry Taggart Took Willow the dog without the owners consent after being trusted to look after her FACT !

Harry Taggart has rightly been dealt a WELL DESERVED blow to his ego FACT!

I am very happy that this wonderful lady has been reunited with her dog..... FANTASTIC NEWS that's is Karma fact !

She and her Aunt have been through *** over this and they thoroughly deserved a positive outcome....

This Lady (Janice)is dedicated to her Aunt and takes very good care of her and for anyone to suggest that she does not look after her aunt properly is complete and utter rubbish ....I think someone might be a bit upset because they have been exposed for who they really are.

This dog was stolen and by some really unexpected way has now been reunited with it's owners.

She was handed in to a VETS and thank god for that,when I heard the news I was really pleased for her.

Justice fairness and compassion for our fellow human beings and our animals is all that anyone wants in this life.

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I'm jumping on the bandwagon here cause am sick of seeing the *** spread about this guy.

This is the guy who, during a basic National Certificate college course, took over the Irvine Magnum Pool, got divers to lay industrial blackout material on the entire bottom of the pool, got live pyrotechnic effects and a camera crane, to film sea cadets in a re-enactment of the explosion and aftermath of the HMS Dasher.He did all of this over a weekend, before it was all brought to a halt by college staff, when they realised the scale of this guy's ambition, even on such a basic college course.

Anyone doubt this can do a bit of digging like I did and find its all true.

This is the guy who was asked by college staff, again during an National Certificate media course, to help university graduates with their final projects on his own spare time, which he happily did with nothing in return.

This is the guy who was courted by Panavision UK to make free use of their most sophisticated camera equipment, lighting and grips, in the production of a feature film where all proceeds would go to charity, which was at the time ruined by bureaucratic red tape in Scotland.

This guy is renowned for attention to detail in preparation and has created some of the best previsual animations a lot of people in this industry have seen, including CG regional accent vocalisations and CG visual effects. Mindblowing stuff for a person working on this stuff in their spare time on their own, and fully self-taught.

This is the same guy who took a lot of his own time to help other people on productions throughout the years, and has never taken a penny for anything he's done. In fact some of it even cost him money. As for all that rubbish about the dog posted on here, I asked about all that and saw and heard first hand a load of evidence about the situation and the people involved, and it clearly shows his innocence.

This woman and her supporters might not realise this guy they've attacked on here has kept all that evidence for all this time. I'd recommend anyone spouting their rubbish about this guy should tread carefully because myself and a lot of other people have been trying to convince him to release all the evidence online.

As a credit to his character he usually just says, if they're writing rubbish about me they're leaving someone else alone.I wouldn't be so kind if it was me.

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Ive just seen this and as someone who has had some collaboration alongside the person involved I can say this is a pile of shite.Taggart has been responsible for a lot of good in helping a lot of people.

He studied and trained in the area of film production for a number of years, and i saw evidence of this going as far back as the late 80s and early 90s. He helped a number of people in the past with college and university studies in film and video and has quietly consulted on projects including some of mine. The guy knows what hes talking about and has spent considerable time trying hard to do some charity benefiting projects in film. Anything this guy told me I discovered to be completely true so claims of him being a liar and a 'Walter Mitty' character are complete fabrications in themselves.

Ive heard people call this guy delusional myself and it made me question him but when I saw some of the material this guy has worked on I was blown away.

I hope he finally has his day to prove arseholes like the previous contributor completely wrong.Anybody who believes this *** against this guy without actually speaking to him are nothing but pathetic mindless sheep in my opinion.

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Harry Taggart is one delusional "Walter Mitty" character who has been found out via many people in the past. He has in the past claimed to be a producer, a director and had a gathering of young girls on his face book page where he had claimed to be a film producer, God only knows what lies he was spilling to them. I in the past have had dealings with this character and people laugh at the mention of his name as they know what he stands for......utter delusion.


They are now staying back in Greenock


The person who posted the above information obviously does not know the truth of this story.The dog Willow was given away to Mr Taggart because the woman could not cope with her.

It was only after a falling out over the woman's very questionable poor treatment of her elderly aunt that she decided, after months had passed, to spitefully demand the return of the dog.

When rightly refused, she hired private investigators to pursue Mr Taggart, one of who informed Mr Taggart of the woman's many lies and criminal intentions, and in the private investigator's own words, how messed up this woman really is, and how much better off the dog was with Mr Taggart.The dog Willow was eventually stollen by being dragged through a smashed car window, exactly what the private investigator had warned Mr Taggart that this woman asked him and others to do.



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